/// As Power and Subways Return to New York, Normalcy Is Still a Long Way Off

November 3, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The big news just breaking in New York City is that the 4, 5 and 6 subways, collectively known as the Lexington Avenue Line , are running end to end from the Bronx through Mahattan, all the way to Brooklyn, and the 7 line serving Manhattan and Queens is running, too. This is a substantial step forward for a city that relies so heavily on its mass transit system. On an average weekday, 5.2 million people rode the subway in 2011, and the entire system clocked more than 1.6 billion rides last year . Yet, as that now-iconic construction crane atop that high-rise construction site on 57th Street shows, things are still very much bent out of shape. Gov. Andrew Cuomo just made the subway announcement in a press conference and via Twitter. Still ahead: Full service on the West Side lines, including the 1, 2 and 3, which, when I rode them on Thursday, only had service from the Bronx to only as far south as 34th St. in Manhattan. As you can see from the latest version of the Metro Transit Authority’s service map , updated this morning, there’s still lot of the system that’s not functioning. #subway service btwn #Brooklyn & Manhattan! Gov: #MTA has restored 80% of NY #subway system #recovery about 5 hours ago via web Reply Retweet Favorite @NYGovCuomo Andrew Cuomo As you can see from Cuomo’s tweet, the other big news here is that power is starting to return. The friend I visited on the creepy darkened block on 39th St. the other night just emailed to say her power is back. The cable company has yet to restore TV and Internet service, but at least now she can stock up on groceries and take a hot shower. Power in other areas will unfortunately take longer to restore, and this will become a problem as the weather turns colder. The temperature in Central Park is not expected to get above 48 degrees this week; lows are expected to drop below freezing on Sunday and Monday.

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As Power and Subways Return to New York, Normalcy Is Still a Long Way Off

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