/// For Social Video Start-Up Threadlife, Shorter Is Better

October 31, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The Valley still hasn’t cracked the secret to social video apps. And it isn’t for lack of trying. Since Facebook snapped up photo-sharing application Instagram for $750 million earlier this year, the next logical step was to move to video. Now there’s no dearth of apps that serve up user-generated videos captured through the smartphone . Add Threadlife, the latest from Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn, to that pile. His app’s premise is much like a few others: When video is concerned, shorter is better. Threadlife’s stock-in-trade is the three-second video clip — dubbed a “stitch” in the whole sewing theme — a play on the idea that, as with photos, we’re apt to consume things quickly when they’re easy to view fast. That’s much along the lines as Viddy, a competing app which has been around for much longer, which holds 15-second time constraints on each clip. Threadlife’s value proposition, however, is a bit different. Users can compile their short video “stitches” into themed “threads.” It’s a simple way to explicate a process — like restoring a project car you have in the garage, from rust bucket to street-ready — over a period of time, each clip adding another segment on top of the last. Or, for the sappy parent crowd, a way to curate the first days, weeks and months of a new addition to the family. The company is keeping both the social and anti-social demographics in mind. Threads can be private or public, and all content within the app is shareable out to Facebook and Twitter. Smart, in that the app can keep private moments cordoned off, yet still capable of attaining user growth via social channels. And yet the challenges are considerable. The social video app market is completely flooded. Acquisition exits may not be as easy to come by, as some apps have already been snapped up by giants like Twitter and Autodesk

For Social Video Start-Up Threadlife, Shorter Is Better

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