/// The Spot: TV’s Best Friend

October 30, 2012  |  Media Week

IDEA : Cookies and milk. A prom queen and her limo. A slow-running teenager and a horror-movie monster. Some things were meant to be together. You can add Zeebox and your TV to that list, says a new campaign from Mother for the second-screen app, which is jumping from the U.K. to the U.S. via partnerships with NBC and Comcast (and soon HBO, Cinemax and Viacom). Rather than squeeze in product demos, agency and client figured the entertainment app deserved ads that were themselves entertaining. Six new spots, each cut into 15-, 20- and 30-second executions, present Zeebox simply as something that makes TV more awesome than it already is— through amusing metaphors showing other great partnerships, from the familiar to the obscure. “We were given a lot of creative license to express this idea that with TV plus Zeebox, one plus one equals three. When they come together, something even more magical happens,” said agency mother (aka account leader) Krystle Loyland. The ads are pretty magical, too— quirky, witty, sure-footed, and destined to be cult favorites.

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The Spot: TV’s Best Friend

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