/// NY Media Fumbles, Fights Its Way Through Sandy

October 30, 2012  |  Media Week

It was the biggest storm in New York in nearly 80 years, and while most of the city's media were prepared to meet the challenge, some were not. For example, the flooding on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange did not, in fact, take place. CNN meteorologist Chad Meyers reported the alleged flood on Piers Morgan Tonight , citing the National Weather Service , which denied making the claim. After following the trail to an NWS message board, then to Twitter, it became apparent that a user calling himself @ComfortablySmug (who is followed by dozens if not hundreds of reporters) had been disseminating bad information all night—that ConEd was shutting down all power in New York City, that Gov. Andrew Cuomo was trapped in Manhattan, that the MTA had announced service closures for the rest of the week, and other falsehoods, many of which were retweeted or re-reported. By Tuesday, BuzzFeed had outed @ComfortablySmug ; he is

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