/// It’s Alive: Frankenstorm Hits New York

October 29, 2012  |  Media Week

Let it never be said that New Yorkers are slow to capitalize on acts of God. Gotham's media community was in overdrive on Monday, likely from their houses, apartments or maybe even their offices as Hurricane Sandy—soon to become “Frankenstorm” as it runs into sundry other weather fronts headed toward it in the opposite direction—approached landfall in New York. First up was DirecTV, which made waves with a public service station launched this morning—a 24-hour-a-day cable network devoted to storm coverage launched at 9 a.m. The MSO said that “DIRECTV plans to provide continuous coverage until the hurricane has diminished in strength,” so expect the company to foot the bill for the weather network until at least Thursday. The channel will simulcast news and information coverage in affected markets. And, of course, where there's the public spirit, there is also the entrepreneurial spirit. Barry Diller's much-litigated broadcast streaming service Aereo (currently active only in New York) took the opportunity to grab some new customers who might be without broadcast TV during the storm—many New Yorkers can't receive broadcast signals anymore. The network expanded its

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