/// With New Sizes and Features, iPods Grow Up

October 23, 2012  |  All Things Digital

If you missed Apple’s new iPod lineup among the frenzy that surrounded last month’s iPhone 5 announcement, you aren’t alone. But these were the first new iPods from Apple in two years. This week, I found out how much the iPod family has matured since 2010. I tested the new $299-and-up iPod touch and the $149 iPod nano. These are very different products, but they both carry Apple’s simple touch interface. And both make good gifts because they won’t saddle the recipient with monthly phone bills: The iPod touch runs on Wi-Fi and the iPod nano doesn’t wirelessly connect to the Internet. [ See post to watch video ] First things first: What’s new? The iPod touch screen now has the same screen as the iPhone 5: A four-inch Retina display with sharp, bright colors

With New Sizes and Features, iPods Grow Up

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