/// Liveblogging Facebook’s Q3 Call: On the Mobile Move?

October 23, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Facebook turned in a third quarter that met worried investor expectations and also showed a nice start to its mobile monetization efforts. Time to reconsider dumping on the social networking behemoth by Wall Street? Well, there is Zynga and the need for even more monetization success to turn Facebook back into the digital darling it once was (pre-IPO, that is!). Now it’s time to see if the company’s management can start that ball rolling in a conference call with analysts: 2:02 pm : Oops. Some screw-up on the call logistics. A tip: We can hear you Facebook execs, so stop discussing your screw-up mute button and saying “Omigod.” Just sayin’! (It’s not like you are Google and released the earnings early, ya know!) Now, the real call begins with the investor lady and then CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Almost the first words out of his mouth: Mobile and monetization. Investors apparently misunderstand the situation

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Liveblogging Facebook’s Q3 Call: On the Mobile Move?

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