/// 15 Things About Aaron Levie

October 19, 2012  |  All Things Digital

He founded his wildly successful start-up in his dorm room before dropping out and moving to the Bay Area to work on it full-time, he’s regularly referred to as one of the top entrepreneurs under 30, and he looks enough like Jesse Eisenberg to satisfy a movie audience. But unlike Mark Zuckerberg, Box CEO Aaron Levie’s favorite guilty pleasure is Twitter. Below, Levie answers 15 of our questions — hopefully enough to satisfy an online audience. Name one thing you will regret never having done (if you never do it). Inventing the mainframe. What’s the single most important issue in the world today? The three Ps: Poverty, Politics, Phablets. Do you still buy CDs or rent DVDs?

15 Things About Aaron Levie

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