/// Liveblogging Intel’s Q3 Earnings Conference Call

October 16, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Given the bleak picture that it painted last month, Intel’s reports certainly could have been worse, but that doesn’t mean they were good. Earnings per share were 60 cents on sales of $13.5 billion, both of which were better than what analysts had expected: 50 cents on sales of $13.2 billion. But that’s after Intel disclosed that sales were looking a lot slower than it and analysts had expected. Expect Intel to give its clearest view yet on what it sees ahead for the markets it controls — chips for PCs and servers — and to attack the markets where its inroads as yet are minimal, smartphones and tablets. Also expect some color on whether or not Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be much of a catalyst for PCs. As yet, the expectations are pretty low. 2:05 pm : CEO Paul Otellini is speaking. He says to expect PC sales to grow at half the rate seen historically. Otellini: Now he’s talking about Ultrabooks and says many will be $699 or less. Also 20 tablets running Clovertail, the latest version of the Atom processor. Otellini: Now he’s talking about Haswell, the next generation of processor. He says previously it had been expected to come in at a power envelope of 15 watts

Liveblogging Intel’s Q3 Earnings Conference Call

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