/// RedZone Scores TD With Fans

October 15, 2012  |  Media Week

Like a pulling guard smashing his way through summer blocking drills, the commercials just keep exploding off the line of scrimmage. Pop pop pop, hit and get hit—they are relentless in their metronomic intensity, unwavering and propulsive. State Farm’s Discount Double Check. Geico gecko. Tires gripping asphalt, timber stacked in a truck bed; Built Ford tough. While it’s anathema to make this assertion in a magazine devoted to the business of advertising, a Sunday afternoon devoted to professional football can leave even the most ardent fan feeling like a tackling dummy. Geico alone last year spent $158.1 million on TV sports inventory, and the brand’s ubiquity in NFL broadcasts is such that its CGI spokeslizard should be awarded fantasy points. Enter NFL RedZone, a frenetic seven-hour chef’s tour through the league’s Sunday schedule. Hosted by NFL Network’s Scott Hanson, RedZone whips around to every scoring opportunity within the 20-yard line, vaulting from a long end-around run that brings Pittsburgh down to Miami’s goal line to a blind-side hit that leads to a safety in Detroit.

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RedZone Scores TD With Fans

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