/// Microsoft Starts TV Advertising Countdown to Windows 8 Launch

October 15, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Microsoft has turned up the volume on the marketing and advertising campaign leading up to the launch of Windows 8 later this month, with a barrage of ads that ran during NFL games today. The spot shows PCs and tablets from the likes of Acer, Lenovo and Sony, including touchscreens which are, in part, intended to make the Windows ecosystem more competitive with devices like Apple’s iPad. The ads (see the video embedded below) starts with a countdown, as if for a rocket launch, but gets stuck on the number 8. It ends by showing a young girl “painting a picture” on a PC screen, and then showing the printed result to an adult, with the tagline “Windows Reimagined.” The ads come 11 days before Microsoft is expected to officially debut Windows 8 at an event in New York, along with its Surface tablet device — which, oddly enough, is not shown in the ad. It’s going to take the full buzz-generating capabilities of Microsoft and its partners to reverse the slide in the sales of PCs. Just last week, the market research firms Gartner and IDC reported that PC sales that declined by more than 8 percent from the same period a year ago

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Microsoft Starts TV Advertising Countdown to Windows 8 Launch

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