/// Can We Go Again? Baumgartner Safe on Earth After Highest Jump Ever.

October 14, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Felix Baumgartner has done it. In a combination of crazy, genius and courage, the Austrian daredevil set a bunch of world records, including highest manned balloon flight, highest jump, and possibly the first human to break the sound barrier in freefall, though we’re still waiting on confirmation of that. One record Baumgartner appeared to miss, by a good 17 seconds or so, was that of the longest freefall. That record will stay in the hands of Joe Kittinger, who, in 1960, was the last one to attempt this sort of jump , during which he fell for four minutes and 36 seconds. Baumgartner is now safely on the ground. He and his sponsors, Red Bull and YouTube, set another record: As my colleague Peter Kafka noticed earlier today, they set a record for the most live streams served up to the world for a single event. The stream is still going, and well after the jump itself, still had 1.3 million people watching. The next big event is the post-jump press conference. After that will be the video taken from the camera mounted on Baumgartner’s pressure suit, so you can see the jump from his perspective, and then endless mixes and remixes set to music. There was a moment there where I was waiting for something seemingly trivial to hold up the jump, and I briefly wondered what might happen if Baumgartner suddenly lost his balance and fell from the capsule before he was ready to go. It reminded me of Bob Einstein’s old Super Dave Osborne comedy sketches from John Byner’s “Bizarre” TV show in the early 1980s. I added one of the better ones below the live stream, which you can watch while you’re waiting for the press conference to start:

Can We Go Again? Baumgartner Safe on Earth After Highest Jump Ever.

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