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October 12, 2012  |  TMA Speakers

Bio of Sheldon Gilbert

Sheldon Gilbert is the Founder and CEO of Proclivity Media (www.proclivitymedia.com), a company at the forefront of predictive advertising. Proclivity Media is recognized as one of the industry’s most advanced advertising technology platforms and is responsible for driving sales worldwide for leading ecommerce brands and retailers. In 2009, BusinessWeek recognized Proclivity Media one of the “Top 50 Promising Tech StartUps” and has been featured in Fast Company, The New York Times, and many other major publications on technology and innovation.

Gilbert founded the company and developed its proprietary technology based on the premise that every person has a constantly-changing economic value in relation to any item in the world which could be computed in real-time to optimize sales for a broad array of industries such as commerce, travel, education, non-profit, and politics. The Proclivity Media technology platform drives sales for companies by rapidly ingesting and scoring their ever-increasing volume of data about their products and consumers to predict what their are likely to buy, when, and what they are willing to spend to deliver the most relevant messages.

An inventor with numerous patents in predictive analytics and computational advertising, Gilbert taught himself to program and developed the core algorithm after quickly realizing, during the early years of e-commerce, that an unprecedented volume of new data about the predictive aspects of consumer intent was being generated at exponential rates but was often discarded because of its unwieldy volume and growing complexity. He realized that the Internet was not only changing the nature of commerce and social dynamics but also our fundamental understanding of consumer intent, predictive economics, and the future of marketing.

Gilbert credits his foresight on the use of large unstructured data to effectively predict particular outcomes from his early academic career in molecular genetics, which he studied during his undergraduate years at Yale University and thereafter at several leading research institutes such as The Rockefeller University, Cornell University Medical Center, and The Oswaldo Cruz Institute (Brazil).

Fascinated by the promise of new software programs that could mine massive volumes of genetic data to predict disease outcomes and the rise of the Internet and networked data in early 2000, Gilbert left the laboratory and joined Fort Point Partners, a leading systems integration firm, where he helped build some of the first-generation e-commerce systems for retailers like J.Crew, Best Buy, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and Nike and later joined Bluefly.com as Director of Business Intelligence. After realizing the revolutionary potential of this new data landscape, Gilbert deferred his graduate studies in bioinformatics to found Proclivity in 2007 to usher in the next generation of predictive advertising.

A sought-after speaker, Gilbert has been featured on CNBC, The New York Times, Fast Company, Men’s Vogue, and is regularly invited to speak at various universities, conferences, and industry events on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from predictive data modeling to economic reform. As a former volunteer science teacher and private tutor, Gilbert is an ardent advocate for educational reform, human rights, ecological preservation, and other social causes. A native of St. Lucia who was granted academic scholarships while growing up in marginalized neighborhoods in NYC, Gilbert remains actively involved as an alumnus of Prep for Prep, Horace Mann, as well as the U.S. Experiment in International Living, where he led cross-cultural home-stay programs throughout Italy for several years.

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