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October 12, 2012  |  TMA Speakers

Roger Mincheff


Myspace Entertainment

Roger Mincheff, president of Myspace Entertainment and Specific Media Original Programming, leads the internal production and entertainment division of both entities.  Overseeing the branded entertainment divisions of both Myspace and Specific Media, he is responsible for connecting talent, content and brands in order to expand current franchises, launch innovative original properties, and identify new business models as well as distribute and monetize content.

Mincheff was formerly Senior Vice President of Branded Entertainment at Fox Digital Entertainment, a division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, where he launched and drove branded entertainment and distribution strategies across 20th Century Fox’s Film and Television Studios.    At Fox, Mincheff was the executive responsible for Vin Diesel’s series The Ropes as well as multiple projects, including collaborations with brands such as Kia, Taco Bell and DirecTV.

Prior to joining Fox, Mincheff was the President and Chief Creative Officer for Spacedog Media and Spacedog Entertainment.  Spacedog Media was founded in 1998 as a digital agency utilizing new media to develop engaging brand experiences and effective campaigns across multiple platforms. At Spacedog Media, Mincheff was instrumental in creating campaigns and content opportunities for major brands including Qantas Airways, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Restaurants, Air Pacific, Tourism Australia, Citibank, Country Wide, McDonald’s, Starz and NBC/Universal.

Spacedog Entertainment was founded in 2005 as a production company designed to create innovative entertainment content across all platforms.  At Spacedog Entertainment, Mincheff recognized an opportunity to marry content with brands, working with partners such as Mazda, AOL and Peavy. Spacedog Entertainment developed and launched original digital graphic novels for HBO’s True Blood series, executive produced by Alan Ball, and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars.   Spacedog Entertainment also launched a slate of comic books.   Spacedog Entertainment’s eight initial projects were all acquired by major studios or networks; including Universal Studios, Sony, Fox Television Studios and Lions Gate.  Notably, Mincheff and Spacedog Entertainment were Executive Producers on The Covenant, released through Sony Screen Gems and directed by Renny Harlin. The Covenant debuted as the #1 box office movie the week it opened and went on to be the top grossing DVD the week it was released.

Mincheff holds a B.A. in International Relations from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and currently lives in Los Angeles.


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