/// RockMelt Dives Into Mobile Browsing — iPad First

October 11, 2012  |  All Things Digital

After two years of having a desktop-centric product, the RockMelt browser is coming to mobile — and it’s diving in iPad-first. It’s nothing like your grandpa’s Safari. RockMelt for iPad caters to the shifting attitudes we have in the way we experience content on tablets. The result is an attractive mish-mash of an interface design that borrows heavily from Facebook’s Timeline, Pinterest’s tiles and Twitter’s ever-flowing stream. As CEO Eric Vishria puts it: “It is unquestionably a really different beast. And that is a good thing.” Philosophically, RockMelt as a product builds on top of the two predominant philosophies in how we browse the Web today. Google champions intent-based search — type in a word, receive endless pages of links. Social surfing, the other school of thought, posits that our friends are better referrers of new content than any algorithm. While still nascent, the meteoric rise of Facebook and Twitter, and their ability to deliver massive traffic around the Web, give the theory legs. RockMelt exists somewhere in the space between the two

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RockMelt Dives Into Mobile Browsing — iPad First

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