/// Jon Stewart Vs. Bill O’Reilly, Live on the Web: Pretty Good, If You Could See It

October 7, 2012  |  All Things Digital

So. The Jon Stewart – Bill O’Reilly face-off went about exactly as planned: Two extremely adept political entertainers delivered a show that was much more entertaining than anything we ever see from actual politicians. Except for this one problem: Lots of people who wanted to see the show, which was only available over the Web, couldn’t watch . The “Rumble 2012″ Web site seemed unable to process orders for many customers — the show charged $5 a head — and some of those who did get through reported other technical problems. What happened? The only word from the “Rumble 2012″ production team was a Tweet blaming “overwhelming demand”. But that shouldn’t fly in 2012. Due 2 overwhelming demand, our servers have been overloaded.We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re working to resolve the issue. — The Rumble 2012 (@therumble2012) October 7, 2012

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