/// What If Social TV Is Less Social Than We Think?

October 3, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Most “social TV” apps want you to hang out with them instead of gabbing about TV on the social networks you’re already using, like Twitter. That seems like a non-starter to me. Not so, says one of them. GetGlue , a startup that’s been working on social TV for a couple years, says that for some kinds of shows, it has as least as much engagement than Twitter does — even though Twitter has many more users. GetGlue says that for many scripted TV shows — that is, excluding reality shows, news events, awards show or sports shows* — the company sees as much action, or more, than Twitter. Here’s the argument (which requires many caveats, which you can read at the bottom of this post) in chart form: Broadcast shows: Cable shows: Interesting. GetGlue CEO Alex Iskold would like you look at these graphs and conclude that his service, which he says has 1 million active users, is now competing on even ground with Twitter, which has 140 million users . (Twitter declined to comment.) Perhaps! But you could also draw a different conclusion which doesn’t flatter either GetGlue or Twitter much: Perhaps there isn’t that much social TV chatter, period. For instance, a new episode of “Big Bang Theory” draws around 12 million viewers.

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What If Social TV Is Less Social Than We Think?

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