/// Adeo Ressi’s Theory of Quantified Entrepreneurship

September 30, 2012  |  All Things Digital

If someone touted a secret formula for creating successful start-ups, you’d probably tell them to go back to selling snake oil. That’s not what Adeo Ressi is claiming, but it’s close. Ressi says his Founder Institute doesn’t have a formula for creating start-ups, but instead for creating entrepreneurs. “We make entrepreneurs. We take people off the streets and turn them into entrepreneurs,” Ressi said in a recent interview about the four-month mentorship program he founded. As compared to start-up accelerator programs like Y Combinator and 500 Startups, he said of the Founder Institute, “We mine diamonds; other programs make jewelry.” The organization now has chapters live in 32 cities, with 650 companies graduated in the past three years. Graduates include the founders of start-ups like Udemy, CakeHealth and Explorence ( which I just profiled ). According to Ressi, the secret behind such a massive distributed system is an internal dashboard that scores every interaction between mentors and entrepreneurs. Image credit: Brian Solis So just like some people measure their workouts, their sleep and everything they consume — what’s sometimes called “the quantified self” — Founder Institute uses this Web-based dashboard to try to measure everything about what it takes to find and coach a successful entrepreneur.

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Adeo Ressi’s Theory of Quantified Entrepreneurship

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