/// Oracle Looks to Conquer the Cloud as OpenWorld Conference Gets Underway

September 29, 2012  |  All Things Digital

As conferences go, Oracle’s OpenWorld is pretty big. It literally stops traffic. It’s one of a handful of events that not only fills San Francisco’s Moscone convention center but actually spills into the streets, blocking downtown’s Howard Street and earning the ire of the local drivers. The company says it expects to see 50,000 attendees this year, and is presenting more than 2,500 sessions presented by more than 3,500 speakers across 14 individual venues. And forget about booking a hotel room in San Francisco this week: People attending OpenWorld have booked nearly 98,000 hotel nights. So what’s on the agenda ? Expect to hear a lot about the cloud. Oracle’s latest update to its core database software, known as 12c will be unveiled. It’s the first major revision to Oracle’s database software in about five years. The “c” naturally stands for cloud, which Oracle is going to be embracing in a significant way at this event. The speeches kick off Sunday night with the first of two keynotes from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Co-President and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd is speaking twice as well, once on Monday and again on Thursday. Oracle is likely to continue to challenge the notion that it’s on the defensive from companies like Salesforce.com. Ellison has publicly disparaged Salesforce and another cloud-based software company Workday, both of which compete with directly with Oracle. Salesforce (whose recent Dreamforce conference also blocked traffic) has built what’s forecast to be a $3 billion annual business selling customer relationship software that runs in the cloud, and its CEO Marc Benioff is a former Oracle exec and Ellison protégé. Workday, due for a $400 initial public offering soon , is run by Aneel Bhusri and Dave Duffield, the founders of PeopleSoft, a company Oracle acquired in a hostile takeover. It offers a breed of software known as human capital management software used by HR departments at big companies

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Oracle Looks to Conquer the Cloud as OpenWorld Conference Gets Underway

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