/// Twitter’s Comings and Goings: Beefing Up Big Apple Engineering While Shuffling Cali Design Talent

September 28, 2012  |  All Things Digital

In the last installment of “As Twitter Turns,” I reported on a number of key hires and departures in the company’s recent past. Three months later, and Twitter continues to shuffle around its team members — from coast to coast. Here’s something you probably didn’t know: In addition to having a respectable sales team on the East Coast, Twitter has an engineering office in New York City. That was formed when Twitter acquired Julpan , a search and social analytics start-up, almost a year ago to the day . That outfit, led by search guru Ori Allon, became what is now known as Twitter’s Search and Discovery Team, and has led the effort for the past year to improve Twitter’s Discovery tab — the section inside Twitter’s apps and Web site that surfaces your most relevant tweets based on your network. And you may have noticed that on Friday, the team launched the latest iteration of the Discovery tab , so users will now see a continuous stream of tweets. Former Twitter director of engineering Ori Allon. That seems to have been Allon’s last major project. He is leaving the company , according to a tweet he sent on Friday morning. He has not announced plans beyond this, outside of “more coming soon.” Twitter didn’t have a comment, outside of directing me to Allon’s own tweet on his departure. Twitter’s new Search and Relevance head, Ruslan Belkin. The candidate who will fill his position: Ruslan Belkin, Twitter’s Director of Engineering in charge of Search and Relevance. Twitter hired Belkin back in March , snagging him away from LinkedIn, where he also worked on similar search and relevance surfacing algorithms inside the professional networking company. Belkin will continue to improve upon the Discovery tab, with aid from the bi-coastal Sara Mauskopf, the product manager who announced the Discovery update on the Twitter blog Friday morning. Twitter isn’t just shuffling around new blood in New York. On Thursday, two designers — Mark Otto and Dave Gamache — left the company , along with engineer Ian Ownbey (that picture below is the three of them walking home on their last day at Twitter). I asked around on Thursday evening, and most have been pretty tight-lipped as to exactly why the three left the company. Image courtesy of Ian Chan's Twitter feed.

Twitter’s Comings and Goings: Beefing Up Big Apple Engineering While Shuffling Cali Design Talent

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