/// Apple: Here Are Some Map Apps That Actually Work

September 28, 2012  |  All Things Digital

When Tim Cook said this morning that Apple is doing everything it can to make its not-quite-ready-for-primetime Maps app better, he took the unusual step of directing frustrated users to alternative applications and Web-based services from the company’s rivals. Now the company has gone a step further and begun promoting those alternatives on the iTunes App Store . This morning a new “Featured” catgory appeared in the App Store: “Find maps for your iPhone/iPad.” It showcases mapping apps from MapQuest, Microsoft’s Bing and TeleNav, among others and it’s being promoted on the front page of the storefront. Another unusual move. Unprecedented, too. But it’s a very savvy one from a PR standpoint. It reinforces the idea that the company cares about the user experience and makes Cooks apology that much more genuine. And while it doesn’t make the pain of this particular debacle any easier to bear for Apple, the fact that the company is taking a cut of the sales on the mapping apps it’s recommending certainly doesn’t hurt any.

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Apple: Here Are Some Map Apps That Actually Work

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