/// Bringing Your Old-Media Memories Into the Digital Age

September 26, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Lots of people have memories locked away on old, deteriorating media: home movies, audio and video tapes, printed photos, negatives and slides. Even young people who never use film or tape themselves may have inherited these precious, but fragile, assets from parents and grandparents. [ See post to watch video ] It can be a huge hassle to transfer such material to a modern, digital format that can be viewed, played and easily shared with others. Now, a small company in Omaha, Neb., called PeggyBank.com, is offering a service where you send in all your old media (it will even provide the boxes) and the company will convert all of these items, for a fee, into digital formats and upload them to a free online “vault,” usable from any computer with Web access. This vault can be accessed anytime from any leading browser and can grow to any size. Plus, you can share access to some or all of the contents of your vault with others, or post items to Facebook and other social networks. I’ve been testing PeggyBank with a variety of my own old media—old print photos and aging video and audio tapes—and have been pleased with the results. I can now view these items, many featuring relatives and friends who have died, on my PCs and Macs and have been able to share them with others, who can either view or download them. The price of the conversion wasn’t trivial, but to me, the value has been greater. PeggyBank sends you a box complete with packing materials and tape. I shared the online PeggyBank version of an old family videotape, which had been created decades ago from even older home movies, with my brother by just emailing him a link to it. He said he “got a chill” viewing it on his PC. For years, many companies have offered services that convert old media, primarily to DVDs. Most, if not all, will optionally upload your converted content to the Web. But I chose PeggyBank for this review because it is squarely focused on online storage

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Bringing Your Old-Media Memories Into the Digital Age

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