/// Gaming Publisher Integrates up and Down TV Dial

September 25, 2012  |  Media Week

ZeniMax Media's software publisher Bethesda Softworks may not be a familiar name to the non-gamers among you, but if you've looked at a billboard or a subway poster in the last year or so, you've seen ads for Rage, Skyrim and Dishonored , the company's most recent major releases. The gaming company has also managed to land some unique cable TV integrations, notably long sequences in a couple of Breaking Bad episodes in which the conflicted Jesse plays the company's first-person shooter Rage while flashing back to a murder he'd committed. Now, Bethesda's Dishonored is getting a first-of-its-kind integration on Syfy's Face Off , a competition series that pits FX makeup artists against each other. The show has had various themed episodes, including one on the Universal Studios back lot with a Wizard of Oz motif and another requiring contestants to zombify Alice in Wonderland characters, but the Dishonored integration requires the makeup artists competing to use the game's digital designs as a springboard for their own practical effects. The game's exaggerated figures and steampunk setting seem ideal for the show, but it's the first video game to make the leap to the Face Off set. “The producers really got it—they even picked a steampunk location in that was the essence of the game,” said Cara Scharf, president of Fearless Media, who came up with the integration and brokered the deal between her client (Bethesda) and the network. “All the stars have to align for these things. Producers are artists who don't like you messing with the script.” Bethesda is Fearless's only video game client—Scharf (who also created the Breaking Bad deal, among others) took them with her when she struck out on her own three years ago from the firm Tangible Media. Scharf

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