/// What Will Marissa Do?: Mayer Set to Reveal Her Strategy to Troops This Week in an "Act of Radical Transparency" (Internal Memo!)

September 24, 2012  |  All Things Digital

On Friday, I began a series about the various and sundry things new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was up to at the Silicon Valley Internet giant. First up was a look at how she is zeroing in on improving its troubled search efforts and advertising platforms , two business arenas that will get more focus this week when Mayer unveils her plans to the employees of Yahoo at an all-hands meeting. According to a memo Mayer sent out Friday, the confab is scheduled for Tuesday. It comes after two days of meetings with Yahoo’s board of directors last week, in which Mayer outlined the plans for she has come up with to turnaround the company. [Special note to readers: I would, as usual, embed the entire memo below, but Yahoo’s top execs — most especially, newly installed general counsel Ron “Leaks Are ‘Uncool'” Bell — have worked themselves into quite a lather over the issue of late. Apparently, according to numerous sources, the company is using all kinds of leak-catching tech tools — free smartphones aren’t as free as you might think, if you catch my drift, Yahoos! and I would also advise turning up the music loud when whispering in Sunnyvale offices — so I will only quote internal memos only in part going forward to thwart such silliness.] Pressing on! In the memo, titled “Board slides, strategy and goals,” Mayer talked about the meetings. There will be two this Tuesday, one in the morning and one later in the day, in order to accommodate Yahoo staffers internationally. “In an act of radical transparency that will be a tradition moving forward,” Mayer promised that she will go over the slides — which are usually not shared widely — of her “strategy and vision” that she presented at the board meeting on Friday. “We want to offer you transparency into what happens at the board level as well as guidance as to where the company is going,” Mayer noted. Kudos to that! (And send all that transparency my way, please!) Mayer also said in the memo that she will have another all-hands meeting on October 1, where she will begin “rolling out a new system and process for goals for the company,” including annual goals that will be tracked and graded — first on a company level, then to departments, teams and, finally, individuals. That’s a good idea, of course, because tracking such things has not been a focus of Yahoo for a while now. Not surprisingly, it is very much a practice at Google, from whence Mayer came and where she has been liberally borrowing a wide variety of management concepts. But she has a few of her own tricks up her sleeve too, according to many sources, in terms of the strategy.

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What Will Marissa Do?: Mayer Set to Reveal Her Strategy to Troops This Week in an "Act of Radical Transparency" (Internal Memo!)

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