/// Five Protective Cases for the iPhone 5

September 24, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Uh-oh. Is there a ScuffGate controversy brewing? The iPhone 5 went on sale just last Friday but already a number of owners have taken to the Web to complain about imperfections on their shiny new Apple devices. (Not to mention the kerfuffle over the Maps application in iOS 6.) Belkin Flex Case Some reported that their iPhone had cosmetic damage right out of the box, while others said that the back of the phone is highly susceptible to nicks and scratches. It’s still too early to tell how big of a problem this is — an informal survey on MacRumors shows that about 49 percent of the respondents say their iPhone is just fine — and Apple has yet to make an official statement. But ScuffGate or not, I always think it’s a good idea to get some kind of case for your smartphone. I know some might scoff at the notion because you think cases are clunky and cover up the iPhone’s sleek design. I felt the same way until I dropped my phone one too many times, and since I have yet to win the lottery, I much prefer to spend $20 on a case than $200 on a new phone. So, what kind of cases are available for the iPhone 5? Well, since accessory companies didn’t get a heads-up on the iPhone’s new design, they’re working fast and furious to churn out iPhone 5 cases; you can expect to see a bunch more in the coming weeks.

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Five Protective Cases for the iPhone 5

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