/// Wonder Why Zuckerberg Is More Polished in Public? Thank His New Speechwriter.

September 23, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Dex Torricke-Barton, the words man behind Zuckerberg. All eyes were on Mark Zuckerberg as he took the stage at a tech conference two weeks ago. It was his first appearance since his company went public in May, not to mention his first real live interview in close to a year. He was relatively calm, cool (as in, not sweating) and collected, a strong interview from a man who leadership has been largely questioned since day one of Facebook Inc. In a nutshell: He nailed it . Of course, behind every good man, there’s an even better speechwriter. Enter Dex Torricke-Barton, executive communications manager at Facebook, a.k.a. Zuckerberg’s new words man. He joined the team back in April, and has been assisting the young CEO ever since. Take Torricke-Barton’s mission statement from his LinkedIn profile , for instance: “My goal is to support thought leaders on innovation, technology and public policy, and to advance a vision of the world not as it is, but as it should be.” That’s exactly the sort of thinking Zuckerberg does these days (having admitted he “ doesn’t code much anymore ”), spending most of his CEO time on the clock with executives and potential Facebook partners. That’s fine — Zuck is a cerebral guy. But he’s also famous for his terse answers and nearly affectless demeanor from the early days of doing press for Facebook. And when you’re a CEO of one of the personal Web sites on the face of the earth, you need to come off as personable. Along with a cadre of seasoned public relations staffers, it is Torricke-Barton’s job to help Zuckerberg become that guy. Torricke-Barton is no stranger to the profession. Before Facebook, he was Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s personal speechwriter; quite a task, considering how many embarrassing flubs the former Google CEO has made publicly in the past. Oh, and he also happened to do a three-year stint handling comms for a little thing called the United Nations, spearheading all the lead external press for the Alliance of Civilizations , an initiative which aimed to minimize religious extremism and ease tensions between different global religious groups. It was a pretty high-priority program under U.N.

Wonder Why Zuckerberg Is More Polished in Public? Thank His New Speechwriter.

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