/// The Fine Print on Twitter’s Latest Developer Dustup With IFTTT

September 21, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Despite being constantly connected to a smartphone, there are things that hapoen on the Web when I’m not paying attention. (Shocking, I know.) IFTTT — short for “If This Then That” — has been one of my favorite services to keep tabs on people and companies when I’m not paying rapt attention to Twitter and Facebook. It works with a number of existing Web services like Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and the like. Say someone important like Twitter CEO Dick Costolo decides to tweet something. As a Twitter beat reporter, I want to know what Dick has to say when he says it. Using IFTTT, I can have the service send me an email, an SMS, even a phone call. It’s very useful, especially when, you know, I want to try and get some sleep. Sadly, in an email today to its users, IFTTT announced that it was ending support for Twitter triggers, one of what I’d call the most useful parts of the service. When I saw the email in my inbox, I was instantly bummed. The way the email was worded, too, made it seem like IFTTT was the latest in a string of companies affected by Twitter’s recent overhaul of its developer guidelines (currently a hotbed of contention in the tech community that relies upon Twitter’s platform to power their services). “In recent weeks, Twitter has announced policy changes* that will affect how applications and users like yourself can interact with Twitter’s data

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The Fine Print on Twitter’s Latest Developer Dustup With IFTTT

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