/// Microsoft Wins Sales Ban Against Google’s Motorola in Germany

September 20, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Google has suffered yet another defeat in its overseas patent battle with Microsoft. A German court ruled Thursday that a number of tablets and smartphones made by Google’s Motorola Mobility division infringe a Microsoft patent, and granted the software giant a ban on their sales in Germany. Microsoft must pay a bond of $61.4 million if it wants to see the ban implemented. The patent at issue in the case covers “a method and system for receiving user input data into a computer system having a graphical windowing environment.” And it covers a functionality that Microsoft alleges has been built into Android. Indeed, the only reason Microsoft hasn’t asserted the patent against other Android device makers like HTC and Samsung is because those companies have already agreed to license it. Google is the lone holdout. And now it must either modify Android to avoid further infringement or agree to pay Microsoft the royalties it demands.

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Microsoft Wins Sales Ban Against Google’s Motorola in Germany

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