/// Acceptance Speech Tips for Emmy Winners, by Parker Posey

September 19, 2012  |  Media Week

If only the Emmy winners this Sunday night would take a cue from Parker Posey, who plays a ridiculously affected and over-the-top acting coach in this parody video about how to accept an award. Man, that would be three hours worth watching. Otherwise … meh. But at least television's biggest night isn't as stick-up-the-arse as the Oscars, where it seems like every contender has been practicing The Speech for decades. The Emmys? Less so, which can make for a few memorable moments. Nothing like Posey dreams up, though, in this promotion for the ABC broadcast. Among her suggestions: Thank people in a language you don't normally speak! Ugly cry! Take your clothes off! Fake a heart attack! There's plenty more in the master class from JA,N, Posey's awkwardly punctuated thespian. (Her name is an acronym for Just Act, Naturally). Are you listening, Bryan Cranston?

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Acceptance Speech Tips for Emmy Winners, by Parker Posey

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