/// Hoping to Run Into Google Interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson This Week

September 14, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Okay, so. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are currently shooting a buddy comedy about “recently laid-off fortysomethings who hatch a diabolical scheme to land coveted internships at Google.” bport / Reddit According to casting calls , “The Internship” is shooting at Stanford on Friday and in San Francisco next week. Please note: I have done no actual reporting for this piece. This is all based on Internet stalking. However, if you live, study or work at Stanford or in S.F. and see the “Wedding Crashers” duo in town in the next week, you should totally tell me about it. Here’s how Vaughn described the plot for a Huffington Post interview : “Owen and I lose our jobs and become interns at Google. We get free food, we get to play ping pong and take naps.” Earlier this summer , scenes depicting Google’s campus were  shot at Georgia Tech  (see photo, via Reddit). In July, a Google spokesperson  told Search Engine Watch , “We’re excited that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson chose the Google campus as a backdrop for their first film together since ‘Wedding Crashers.’ We’re sure they’ll have a humorous take on life in Silicon Valley and look forward to seeing the result.” Vaughn and Wilson and their kids were on set in Atlanta on Monday, per Us Weekly , at the end of a two-month stint of filming . I haven’t spotted confirmation that the stars are coming out to California, but that doesn’t mean they’re not. Here’s a  casting call for an Owen Wilson stand-in  in S.F

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Hoping to Run Into Google Interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson This Week

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