/// The Next Emerging Tech Powerhouse: Latin America

September 12, 2012  |  All Things Digital

In aging buildings, hidden on unassuming side streets in the Bohemian sections of Mexico City known as Condesa and Roma , a revolution of sorts is occurring. Twentysomethings in T-shirts huddle over laptops, writing code and working on user interfaces for start-up technology Web sites. Design approaches are debated, and Lean Startup methodology is a regular topic of conversation between games of ping pong. Were it not for the fact that all discussion takes place in Spanish, the scenes in these offices would be indistinguishable from those in offices in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, or any of the other South Bay suburbs that form the heart of Silicon Valley. But this is not Sunnyvale. As Europe attempts to cope with its financial crisis and Asia braces for the looming slowdown of China’s economy, Latin America — in America’s backyard — is witnessing an unprecedented expansion of its indigenous technology economy. Long considered a relative backwater, rich in minerals, natural resources, and tin-pot dictatorships, Latin America in 2012 is quietly cultivating a culture of technology entrepreneurship virtually unheard of in other emerging economies

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The Next Emerging Tech Powerhouse: Latin America

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