/// YouTube’s Homegrown iPhone App Appears, Along With YouTube’s Ads

September 11, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Here’s the end of the Google-Apple-iPhone-YouTube app saga: A new YouTube app, built by Google, which should be available at Apple’s app store by the time you’re reading this. Just in time for Apple’s iPhone 5 event . If you’re been following this story, this conclusion won’t be a surprise. Especially since it’s what Apple and Google said would happen. But to refresh your memory: Last month, Apple announced that the newest version of its iOS operating system wouldn’t include a pre-installed YouTube app , which Apple had provided since the iPhone launched in 2007. The news caused many folks (including myself) to conclude that the app was another victim of the Apple-Google conflict, along the lines of Apple’s decision to replace Google’s mapping service witha homegrown version. The answer turns out to be more straightforward. YouTube has been systematically upgrading its apps on every platform, and installing its own versions that feature most or all of the content the video site provides on Web browsers

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YouTube’s Homegrown iPhone App Appears, Along With YouTube’s Ads

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