/// Salesforce.com Quietly Bought an Israeli Start-Up Called BlueTail in July

September 11, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Salesforce.com’s acquisition streak over the summer included both companies large and small, some you’ve heard of and some you haven’t. On the big side, there was the $750 million deal for Buddy Media, which Salesforce announced in June after word of a pending deal first leaked in May . Then in July it dropped $76 million on the co-browsing start-up GoInstant . But its tastes also run toward the very small. Example: Salesforce recently acquired an Israeli data-mining startup called BlueTail. Additionally BlueTail’s founder and CTO has been made chief data scientist at Data.com, a Salesforce unit. Indeed the deal has all the markings of a classic acqui-hire situation. A Salesforce spokeswoman confirmed the acquisition to AllThingsD Monday. The giveaway clue was a batch of LinkedIn profiles belonging to former BlueTail employees who have since updated their information indicating they now work for Salesforce. Data.com’s new chief data scientist is Alon Talmor . He and co-founder and CEO Koby Ben-Zvi have both changed their LinkedIn profiles in recent days to reflect new senior positions within Salesforce.com. In Ben-Zvi’s case, his new title is vice president for product strategy at Data.com. At least three other people who list prior positions at Tel Aviv-based BlueTail have also updated their LinkedIn profiles with new jobs at Salesforce: Amir Cohen , Yaniv Zecharya and Elad Tsur , who also lists himself as a founder of BlueTail. Not much is known about BlueTail specifically, other than it was previously known as Mined Analytics and was founded in 2009. Salesforce hasn’t sought to keep the acquisition a total secret.

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Salesforce.com Quietly Bought an Israeli Start-Up Called BlueTail in July

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