/// Does Amazon Have Its Own Apple TV Plan?

September 5, 2012  |  All Things Digital

We know that Amazon will unveil new devices tomorrow , including a replacement for the Kindle Fire it stopped selling last week. What about a gadget that isn’t a tablet or an e-reader? There’s been lots of speculation that Amazon has big Hollywood plans to announce tomorrow, because it’s holding the event in Los Angeles. Maybe! But if so, lots of Hollywood folks I’ve talked to are in the dark about those purported plans. And just because a big tech company holds an event in LA doesn’t mean it is holding a Hollywood event — see Microsoft’s Surface a few months ago. So here’s another theory: Maybe Jeff Bezos will show off a video box for the living room. I’ve heard this one floated a couple times today, but not from anyone who claims to have firsthand knowledge of Amazon’s plans

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Does Amazon Have Its Own Apple TV Plan?

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