/// A Laptop for Light Work

September 5, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Q: I’ve become a 100% user of Google Docs and use my computer only for browsing, email and cloud applications. I read your column recommending laptops, but was wondering what you might recommend for someone like me. A: Assuming you are looking for a laptop rather than a tablet, the least expensive and best configured machine for your needs is likely a Google-developed Chromebook, built by either Asus or Samsung. Information about them is at http://bit.ly/TbdhlW . I reviewed the latest version of the Chrome OS, which powers the Chromebook, in June. You can find the review at http://dthin.gs/Lvc8mg . I rated it as inferior to Windows or the Mac operating system, mainly because those platforms can run many more programs

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A Laptop for Light Work

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