/// YouTube: Now for Political Junkies

September 3, 2012  |  Media Week

With digital video faster, cheaper and slicker than ever before, all kinds of media outlets, even YouTube, once best known for homemade cat videos , are upgrading their election coverage. On YouTube’s recently launched Politics channel , users can view content from eight major media partners, including ABC News and The New York Times . But results have been hit or miss. YouTube pundit Philip DeFranco’s channel often sees tens of thousands of views, while BuzzFeed, the Times and ABC News sometimes garner no more than a few hundred. “Basically, [YouTube] is not driving any views at all,” said a staffer from one of the Politics channel partners. “The real problem is that [YouTube] has no editorial sensibility at all. It’s a bureaucracy. They need the minutes; they don’t care about content.” Digital video analysts pointed out that YouTube is still in an experimental stage as it curates content that’s produced on a daily, even hourly basis

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YouTube: Now for Political Junkies

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