/// PAX Gaming Expo Gets Off to a Playful Start

September 1, 2012  |  All Things Digital

You know you’re at a playful videogame conference when the hosts kick off the festivities by calling for — and getting — a collective knuckle-cracking from the audience. That’s how Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, creators of the Penny Arcade comic and site, greeted attendees yesterday morning in Seattle’s Paramount Theater at the start of their annual PAX get-together . E3 may be the commercial machine that runs the videogame industry, but PAX is the heartbeat. With their comic-strip alter egos, Gabe and Tycho, and their focus on videogame culture, Krahulik and Holkins have built a worshipful following in the gaming community, and communing was where things began, with the pair taking audience questions in entertaining fashion. They even managed to slip some news in among the patter: Next year, the Seattle PAX event (there’s also a PAX East in Boston) will be four days long, running from Friday to Monday, and a new annual event in Australia is being added to meet demand. For about 90 minutes, the pair addressed just a few thousand of the estimated 70,000 PAX-goers expected to attend this weekend at the Washington State Convention Center. They answered a range of questions that could safely be described as random (and at times offering responses that were equally random, but somehow appropriate for this crowd). A sampling: Holkins is asked why he’s so “verbose” and “lingual.” “I suspect a lot of people have this problem,” he says

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PAX Gaming Expo Gets Off to a Playful Start

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