/// Samsung’s Smart TV Isn’t As Smart As It Thinks It Is

August 29, 2012  |  All Things Digital

More and more people are using their big, flat-panel TVs to watch Internet video, view photos, play music and casual games, and access apps, social media and websites. The trouble is, this is primarily being done via plugged-in PCs, or add-on boxes like Apple TV, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Roku players. They use separate remotes and are accessed via separate inputs on the TV. [ See post to watch video ] Lots of people have been counting on Apple to unify standard TV with these apps and Internet content in a simple, elegant device. The company is working on it, but the major TV makers aren’t waiting. They are offering Internet-connected “smart TVs.” Their pitch is that you can switch between, or even combine on one screen, regular TV and Internet content, without adding extra devices and remotes, or switching inputs. I decided to check in on the state of the smart TV by living for a few days with the latest version from Samsung

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Samsung’s Smart TV Isn’t As Smart As It Thinks It Is

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