/// ABC Family Keeps the Lies Coming

August 29, 2012  |  Media Week

Often, the hardest thing about retaining fans is preventing them from forgetting about a TV show when it’s off the air. One way to combat that problem? Don’t give up your weekly appointment with viewers between seasons. That’s the plan with ABC Family’s hit Pretty Little Liars , which wrapped its third season on Tuesday night with (spoiler alert!) love triangles, kisses, dead bodies and other cliffhanger-worthy intrigue. As soon as the episode was over, fans were directed to check out Pretty Dirty Secrets , an eight-part Web series which will debut new episodes at 8 p.m. EST Tuesdays on ABCFamily.com and Hulu. According to Beth Johnson, vp of digital media for ABC Family, Pretty Dirty Secrets will feature secondary characters from Liars , and an original plot designed to lead viewers to a special Halloween-themed episode of the show this October. In addition, Pretty Dirty Secrets will introduce a new character who will play a pivotal role when Pretty Little Liars returns for season four in 2013. Several major broadcast and cable networks have tried the between-season webisode treatment before—most notably NBC with The Office and SyFy for Battlestar Gallactica . But in the case of those shows, the prevailing sense was that fans didn’t need to watch the Web video content to keep up with their favorites. Plus, the average American TV viewer hadn’t made watching Web originals a habit just yet. That’s not an issue for Liars , argues Johnson, who emphasized that the show’s creative team was heavily involved in the Pretty Dirty Secrets Web run.

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ABC Family Keeps the Lies Coming

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