/// Tidemark Launches for Prime Time, and Hires a New President

August 28, 2012  |  All Things Digital

It’s been about 11 months since the business analytics startup firm Tidemark came out of stealth mode , and it turns out it’s been a pretty busy 11 months. Today the company is announcing a bunch of important news. The big piece is that its application is coming out of beta-testing is now ready for general availability, and along with that, it is disclosing some of its customers, and one of them at least is kind of cool. The second is that it has hired Phil Wilmington, as its new president and COO. He’s been executive chairman since January. Wilmington was President at OutlookSoft, the company that he and Tidemark CEO Christian Gheorghe ran together — Gheorge was CEO — before it was acquired by SAP in 2007. Before OutlookSoft, Wilmington had been co-President at PeopleSoft until it was taken over by Oracle. You’ll remember that this is one of several startups aiming to attack an juicy vein of enterprise software that’s currently dominated by the Oracles and SAPs of the world, and more often than not by applications that tend to run on-premise. And naturally, like so many other upstart business software outfits these days, it runs it all in the cloud, or more precisely, the “software-as-a-service” model made so popular by outfits like Salesforce.com and Workday. The unsexy way to describe it is Enterprise Performance Management, and its the stuff that businesses use to plan their finances and operations. Over a pair of lunches last year Gheorghe, explained something that sounded a lot like what all the other so called “business intelligence” applications in the cloud are trying to do. His argument then, and now, is that while lots of applications give you good information, few help guide to a decision or a course of business action. Gheorge says in Tidemark, these applications have been “reimagined.” One key problems holding it up is that data from one side of the business doesn’t get mashed up with data from another

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Tidemark Launches for Prime Time, and Hires a New President

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