/// A Chance To Call 15 Friends To Video Chat In High Def

August 22, 2012  |  All Things Digital

There are lots of ways for consumers to conduct free one-to-one video calls on computers and mobile devices. The best known is Microsoft’s Skype service, but there is Apple’s FaceTime, a good service called Tango and others. But what if consumers want to conduct a group video call, with multiple people in multiple places on multiple types of devices? [ See post to watch video ] Such video conferences are ideal for disparate members of families, committees in organizations, teams working on projects, small seminars, or even just groups of friends. However, group video-calling services for consumers—especially free ones—are less well-known. Skype offers group video calling, but it requires a plan that costs about $10 a month. On a Zoom call, the speaker occupies most of the screen. Now, there is a new, independent, service called Zoom.us, launched on Tuesday, that offers free, high-definition, group video calls for up to 15 people simultaneously (Skype maxes out at 10.) It works over wired and Wi-Fi Internet connections, or cellular 3G and 4G networks. It comes from a small Silicon Valley start-up called Zoom Video Communications. This new service not only features group video chatting, but also has text chatting and even allows any member of the group to share a computer screen with the others

A Chance To Call 15 Friends To Video Chat In High Def

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