/// Java Trial Judge Slaps Google Over Disclosure Order

August 20, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The judge hearing the still-not-quite complete lawsuit between Oracle and Google over Java slapped Google today for not complying with an order to disclose any financial relationships it may have with bloggers and journalists who wrote about the case. “In the Court’s view, Google has failed to comply with the August 7 order,” Judge William Alsup wrote in an order just released. Google and Oracle had been given until Aug. 17 to disclose the names of any journalists or bloggers on its payroll who may have written about the case. Oracle had in April disclosed a relationship with Florian Mueller a prominent blogger on patent law who it had retained as a consultant. Google however basically sidestepped the issue . Now the Judge William Alsup is sort of ticked off. “The August 7 order was not limited to authors ‘paid . . . to report or comment’ or to ‘quid pro quo’ situations. Rather, the order was designed to bring to light authors whose statements about the issues in the case might have been influenced by the receipt of money from Google or Oracle.” Now Google has until this Friday to comply with the order

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Java Trial Judge Slaps Google Over Disclosure Order

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