/// First Mover: David Wertheimer

August 20, 2012  |  Media Week

Specs Age 44 New gig President, digital, Fox Broadcasting Company Old gig CEO, Entertainment Technology Center, USC So you’re Fox’s digital guru. Shouldn’t that make you want to step up your Twitter game? I mean, 39 tweets? Obviously, I spend a huge amount of time working with our team on what we want to do with social media. But it’s not about me—it’s about getting people to engage on another level with the shows, the characters and the network itself. I think putting myself in the center of the conversation would take something away from how I think about my job. But I do monitor my feed very closely. It’s like listening in on a great watercooler conversation. How do platforms like Twitter change the rules of the linear TV game? Viewers fundamentally want to have a more social experience around television, they want to react to what they’re watching in real time and share their thoughts with their friends. The more conversation there is around the shows, the more people will want to watch live TV. As was the case with American Idol , which was an inherently social show even before the advent of Twitter. So the allure of watching live is being part of a national conversation? It’s no accident that we’re No. 1 on the social media network. And a big part of our strategic thinking is devising new ways to engage people at the time of a show’s airing. We set social TV records with the American Idol finale this year, and now even some of our scripted series, like New Girl , have moments that people just want to talk about as they are happening

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First Mover: David Wertheimer

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