/// Liveblogging Cisco’s Fourth Quarter Results

August 15, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Cisco just reported earnings for the fourth quarter that were better than most people expected, given the lousy state of the world economy, especially in Europe. By beating the earnings consensus by a penny and the expectation of sales by $100 million. Cisco also raised its divided to 14 cents a share, nearly double the 8 cents it had been before. Investors are responding by kicking Cisco share upwards in after hours. Now the conference call is underway. I’ll be listening for indicators about what CEO John Chambers sees going on in all the geographic regions around the world. I’ll also be hoping that some of the analysts ask him about his plan, if any to respond to the threat of software-defined networking, which is a small thing now but could be hugely important in a few years, and could threaten Cisco’s business. 1:40 pm : Joining the call in progress. CFO Frank Calderoni is speaking. Calderoni is now running through the quarter’s results. Americas grew 7 percent. Europe was weaker, driven primarily by weaknesses in the southern part of the continent. Asia was up too. Calderoni: Asian revenue benefited from the completion of several long-term projects that helped improve margins there. Calderoni: Is talking about some benefits from the sale of some real estate as part of the restructuring. Calderoni: Headcount was 66,639 which is up about 1,400, including 500 university graduates. 300 more in R&D working on data centers, and 300 in services. Half of the headcount were in emerging markets. EPS was 47 cents non-GAAP vs 40 cents a year ago. Cash: $48.7 billion up $304 million from last quarter.

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Liveblogging Cisco’s Fourth Quarter Results

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