/// A Look Back at the Second Week of the Apple-Samsung Trial

August 11, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Calling the Apple versus Samsung patent lawsuit the most closely watched case of its kind in recent memory isn’t exactly going on a limb, and that’s because the disclosures of details previously held close-to-the-vest by both parties have been so numerous, and well, so interesting. The trial’s first week was widely described as something of a slapfest , during which lawyers for both sides aimed to sting the other by forcing one painful bit previously secret information after another into the record of evidence. Though the second week had its snoozy moments, the fascinating disclosure kept on coming, and ended on nothing less than a bombshell. Here’s the week’s highlights: Apple Offered Samsung A License on its Patent Portfolio “Shocked” as it was by the iPhone-like look of the first Galaxy phones, Apple considered its relationship with Samsung — a key supplier of chips and other components — important and was willing to make a deal. In October of 2010 it offered Samsung a license on its patents for $30 per phone and $40 per tablet. It also offered a 20 percent discount if Samsung was willing to cross license its portfolio back to Apple. By Apple’s reckoning, such a deal would have brought in $250 million in 2010. It’s now seeking 10 times that much in damages from Samsung. Samsung’s U.S. Tablet Revenue Was Less Than 5 Percent of Apple’s As often as they’re held up as competitive devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab barely moves the sales needle when compared to Apple’s iPad, at least in the U.S. according to Samsung documents admitted into evidence. As AllThingsD ‘s Ina Fried put it, Samsung sold fewer tablets over the entire seven quarters in question than Apple did in its worst quarter

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A Look Back at the Second Week of the Apple-Samsung Trial

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