/// After Starting With a Bang, Apple vs. Samsung Now Just as Boring as Other Patent Cases

August 10, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The problem with patent cases is, sooner or later, you find yourself talking about patents. And, unfortunately for those not in the caffeine-selling business, the Apple vs. Samsung case has hit that point. The case started out with all kinds of fun stuff, such as Apple executives showing early iPhone prototypes and talking about the well-guarded kitchen table around which Apple’s design team creates the company’s products. But by Friday, the witness stand was filled with expert after expert testifying about one or another legal aspect of the case. Sure, that’s what the jury needs to try to make sense of the myriad issues in the case, but even to techies, it’s fairly dull stuff. As a reminder, Apple is suing Samsung for infringing a range of design and utility patents , as well as the “trade dress” for the iPhone and iPad. Samsung denies it infringes, and argues that Apple’s patents should also be found invalid . The company has also countersued, alleging that Apple’s wireless products infringe on Samsung patents. On the plus side, Apple has indicated that it is nearly done with its primary case. Despite the fact that it has a number of witnesses still to call, Apple said that it may rest its case by the end of the day on Friday or sometime on Monday. There’s still a lot to go, as Samsung has its defense to present, as well as both sides’ arguments as to whether Apple infringed Samsung patents. But things are definitely moving along. Testimony on Friday has already included two experts who did studies on whether consumers are likely to be confused between Apple and Samsung products. Now on the stand is Ravin Balakrishnan, a University of Toronto professor who is testifying about the so-called “bounce back” patent, which covers how the iPhone and iPad react when one is scrolling through an electronic document and reaches the end. Apple did use Balakrishnan’s appearance to make reference to several internal Samsung studies comparing Samsung products with the iPhone. One is the previously entered comparison of the Galaxy S1 with the iPhone, which goes feature by feature on the Samsung device, pointing out all of its shortcomings as compared to the iPhone

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After Starting With a Bang, Apple vs. Samsung Now Just as Boring as Other Patent Cases

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