/// Live: Samsung Says Apple Didn’t Invent the Rectangle

July 31, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Responding to charges that it copied the iPhone and iPad, Samsung lawyers on Tuesday told a federal jury that the design of the iPhone is less revolutionary than Apple would have them believe. “There’s more to the story than what you just heard,” Samsung attorney Charles Verhoeven told the jury, beginning his opening statement. He showed other phones that predate the iPhone and have large rectangular screens taking up most of the area, most notably the LG Prada phone from 2006. “Apple didn’t invent that,” he said. “That was already out there.” There is a difference, Verhoeven said, between commercial success and inventing something. Verhoeven also showed an HP and Fidler tablet from years before the iPad that featured a large rectangular screen with rounded corners. Earlier in the day, the same jury heard Apple lawyers argue that Samsung chose the easy rode and copied Apple rather than innovating in response to the iPhone and iPad. In the highly-watched case , Apple is seeking billions of dollars in damges for patent and trade dress infringement, while Samsung has denied it copied the products and further charges Apple’s wireless products use its patented technology. Apple, in its opening, showed a series of Samsung designs that predated the iPhone and some that came after. Samsung countered that Apple showed only part of the story, noting that Samsung had large rectangular phones before the iPhone and makes non-rectangular ones today. “Unlike Apple that makes only one kind of phone,” Verhoeven said, “Samsung makes all kinds of phones for all kinds of people.” There has been an evolution in technology, Verhoeven said, with technology allowing for more features. “As that functionality increased, the entire industry moved to (larger screens).” No one, he said, was going to want to want to watch movies on tiny screens, so screens got bigger. “It’s not just samsung,” Verhoeven said. “The evidence will show it is the entire industry.” Verhoeven said that Samsung isn’t trying to say that the iPhone wasn’t successful or even that it wasn’t inspiring. It inspired the industry and inspired competition, he said. “Everybody does it in the commercial marketplace,” he said, adding “There’s nothing wrong with that.” Update, 11:38 a.m.: Verhoeven giving an update on Samsung’s participation in the mobile industry. He notes that the company has been in the market since 1991 long before Apple.

Live: Samsung Says Apple Didn’t Invent the Rectangle

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