/// Live: Apple and Samsung Get Their First Chance to Address the Jury

July 31, 2012  |  All Things Digital

With a jury picked , Samsung and Apple are getting their first opportunity to make their case in the landmark patent infringement trial in San Jose. Both companies are suing one another for patent infringement, with Apple seeking billions of dollars in damages as well as an injunction against the Samsung phones and tablets it says are “slavishly copying” the iPhone and iPad. Samsung denies those allegations and is counter-suing Apple, charging the iPad, iPhone and iPod infringe on patents it has for core wireless technologies. Opening arguments are expected later on Monday. First the jury, and the rest of us, will have to sit through what I am sure will be a fascinating 18-minute video from the judicial system providing an overview on patents and patent law. Among the rulings overnight, it looks like Samsung won’t be able to show exhibits making reference to Sony’s influence on the iPhone, at least as part of its opening argument. That point has been the subject of significant dispute in the case . The jury is due in around 9 a.m. and AllThingsD will have live updates with the highlights, though we will try to spare you the truly boring stuff (and there is a lot of that). For those that are just getting up to speed, here’s our handy cheat sheet to the case .

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Live: Apple and Samsung Get Their First Chance to Address the Jury

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