/// Exclusive: As Expected, Ross Levinsohn Departs Yahoo

July 30, 2012  |  All Things Digital

As I previously reported he likely would, top Yahoo exec Ross Levinsohn — who lost the CEO race to former Google exec Marissa Mayer — is leaving the company, according to several sources. Mayer also just sent a note to the company about the departure, added other sources across the company. Levinsohn, who took over as interim CEO in the wake of the ouster of Scott Thompson earlier this year, had been running the Americas unit of the Silicon Valley Internet giant. That put him in charge of key Yahoo businesses, including its media and advertising sales units. The pair have been negotiating his exit for several days, sources said, which is not surprising given the awkward circumstance between them. While Mayer might have benefited from Levinsohn’s close ties with key marketing players and his content experience, her intense focus on products and not on media likely mean that she will likely rely on a more tech-heavy leadership team going forward. Levinsohn does not apparently have any current plans for another gig, but as an experienced and very well-liked online media exec will likely have many options. He came to Yahoo in late 2010 , replacing Hilary Schneider, in the regime of Carol Bartz, who was later fired. Levinsohn arrived at Yahoo from Fuse Capital, where he worked with Jon Miller — now chief digital officer at News Corp

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Exclusive: As Expected, Ross Levinsohn Departs Yahoo

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