/// WikiLeaks Prank Targets New York Times

July 29, 2012  |  All Things Digital

That New York Times op-ed from Bill Keller defending WikiLeaks ? Not real, the paper’s former executive editor tweeted this morning. The Web prank fooled lots of people, including New York Times technology writer  Nick Bilton . But wait – what if Keller’s Tweet about the fake Keller column was a fake? (And have you ever really looked at your hand, man?) I queried Keller via email and got this response. I’m going to assume it really is Keller, not a Matrix-like construct: Ah, the social media hall of mirrors. Yes, the “WL Post-Postscript” Op-Ed is a fake. (Though it steals a few lines from my exchange a few days ago with Matthew Ingram, which was real .) My tweet calling the fake tweet a fake was real. This tweet assuring you that the tweet about the fake tweet is not fake is also real. All clear now, right? Good

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WikiLeaks Prank Targets New York Times

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